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RNA-Based Regulation in Health and Disease

Cells respond to changes in their environment by activating transcriptional networks, which regulate the dynamic expression of coding and non-coding genes. Regulation of gene expression is further modulated by >170 distinct chemical modifications of RNA molecules, termed ‘the epitranscriptome’, which impact cellular outcomes by affecting the life cycle and activity of the RNA.

Our lab studies RNA-based mechanisms of gene regulation and investigates the impact of RNA modifications on shaping cellular processes in health and disease. One of our main focuses is studying the role of RNA modifications in the physiology of cancer. Utilizing cancer models at a molecular, cellular and organism level, our lab combines cutting-edge experimental and computational methodologies to explore the interplay between the complex landscape of RNA modifications and cancer physiology. Our aim is to uncover RNA-dependent mechanisms, crucial for tumor development, which could facilitate both diagnosis and treatment of human cancer.

Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research

George Wise Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978


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